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Air pollutants

Air pollutants

Air pollutants are classified into two large groups: gases and particles. Normally, polluting products are mixed in the air. Its…

Biomass energy

Biomass energy

Although its name suggests the opposite, biomass was the first fuel used by mankind. In a generic way, biomass means…

Underground water

Underground water

Groundwater is what is found under the earth’s surface and occupies the pores and fissures of the most solid rocks….

animals and plants under threat of extinction

Thousands species of animals and plants in danger of extinction

Due to human impact on the environment, about a million species of animals and plants will be threatened with extinction…

Biosphere reserves

Biosphere reserves

The biosphere reserves are integrated into the MAB Program, “Man and Biosphere”, of UNESCO. Its objective is to provide a…

Solar harvesting systems

The Sun, basic source of energy

Almost all the energy we have comes from The Sun. He is the cause of the winds, the evaporation of…

Natural areas

Natural areas exposed

The human ecosystem has been formally segmented into protected areas and in the other areas there are no specific considerations…


Water, the engine of the ecosystem

The water covers three quarters of the Earth’s surface, distributed among the oceans, the atmosphere, polar ice caps and inland…


The rains

The water found in nature can be found in rivers, seas, basins, and in the form of rain, which is…