5 online tools that can help you lead a more sustainable life

5 online tools that can help you lead a more sustainable life

With issues like global warming and pollution becoming more of a threat with each passing day, sustainability is the need of the hour. Living in the digital age, it can be a big task to take time out of a busy schedule and do everything you can to ensure your lifestyle is sustainable.

However, the concept of sustainability must also creep into our daily lives if we truly want to maintain habits that improve the state of the planet. And that’s why we have 5 apps and online tools here for you today to help you adopt a digitally sustainable lifestyle.


We’ve all found ourselves thinking, “I use my phone too much.” The average person in the U.S. checks their phone at least 110 times a day. Phone addiction can take us away from our optimal productivity levels, and if you’re trying to reduce your screen time, Forest might be the app for you.

Not only can Forest help you combat cell phone addiction, but it has also started an initiative to plant more trees . The app, once activated, blocks all other apps on your phone to prevent you from neglecting yourself and forces you to focus on the tasks at hand. A virtual tree grows as you work and, once finished, awards you coins in the app. These in-app coins allow you to plant real trees so you can help the environment and be productive at the same time.

Enel X

Enel X is one of the leading energy transformation companies helping to create a sustainable environment on both a personal and business level. Whether you’re just trying to make your home more environmentally friendly or improve your organization’s decarbonization strategy, Enel X has some incredible tools for you.

Enel X can help you reach your sustainability goals and is available in 20 countries, partnering with responsible organizations and homeowners around the world. They also have a special demand-side management program created for production units that offers rewards to these production units for adopting sustainable energy policies.

Loss Of the Night

Light pollution is quickly proving to be a far greater threat than researchers could have anticipated. Excessive outdoor lighting has the power to turn night into day, and while this is helpful to the average person, this phenomenon disrupts the ecological balance of wildlife and increases carbon dioxide levels. In addition, light pollution is also a major hindrance to astronomical research activities.

Loss Of The Night allows us to become citizen scientists and report the brightness of the areas around us. To measure sky brightness, the app asks you to identify whether you can see certain stars in the sky and your answers lead to the creation of a database for researchers trying to reduce light pollution. If you’re a stargazing enthusiast who wants to help the environment, this app is perfect for you to stick to your hobby in a productive way.

Recycle Coach

Recycling has become a big part of waste management in many countries, but one thing we often forget to question is whether we are doing it correctly. Most people have no idea what goes on inside recycling plants and therefore it is easy to make mistakes.

Recycle Coach aims to help people recycle their trash the right way, and its guidance is tailored specifically to your home and area. The app collects data on how the recycling plant in your region operates and helps you learn new and effective recycling methods so you can play your part effectively.

Good Guide

There are many products out there today that claim to be environmentally friendly, but almost none of them can live up to that claim. Making environmentally responsible choices can be extremely difficult, but Good Guide can help.

Good Guide is an app that allows you to search brands and products for literally anything under the sky and gives you information about their impact on health, the environment and society. It has a database covering more than 60,000 products, including toys, consumables, cosmetics, electronics and more. The app also helps you suggest better alternatives to these products and make purchasing decisions that are better for both you and the environment.


Developing good habits takes time, but consistent efforts can help you reach a point where they feel innate. We are at a stage where sustainability must become an essential part of everyone’s life. By using these simple but effective digital tools, you can quickly begin your sustainability journey and start helping the environment today.